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It is often avowed that "you can change anything but your mother and your football team”, but when Third Lanark was forced to close in 1967, the latter part of that assertion suddenly no longer applied to Hi-Hi supporters.

Many Thirds men simply could not countenance supporting another senior side and opted for nearby Pollok in “the Juniors”. For a variety of reasons, I considered Partick Thistle to be the Glasgow area club most like Thirds, but a combination of circumstances determined that I embraced Clyde instead, and with all the enthusiasm of a convert.

Nine years after the demise of Thirds, I changed my team again, and on this occasion, it was entirely voluntary. Making a public commitment to life in a new city was my justification for the switch to Dundee United from Clyde. Such a change might be acceptable when choosing insurance, but the demise of Third Lanark had undeniably altered my outlook; in football terms I was verging on being serially unfaithful.

In addition to supporting Thirds, Clyde and United, I not only had a long-term interest in Workington Reds and Charlton Athletic but over the years, I have to admit, there has been short term dalliances with dozens of clubs!


Serially unfaithful probably doesn't cover it! Anyway, I trust you will find some of this site's blogs to be of interest.

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